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All new development and major renovations must be reviewed by the Lowry Community Master Association’s Lowry Design Review Committee (LDRC).  The LDRC is comprised of community members, architects and landscape architects who utilize a four-phase process to evaluate proposed plans.
To get more information on the LDRC review requirements and to be included on the LDRC’s meeting agenda, please contact Mary Carr at (720) 583-5262 or mary.carr@lowrydenver.com.

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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Those wishing to be included on an LDRC meeting agenda must notify Executive Director Mary Carr two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date (the third Thursday of the month prior) at mary.carr@lowrydenver.com.  Plans and renderings to be presented at the LDRC meeting must be submitted electronically at least one week prior to the meeting.

Meetings of the Lowry Design Review Committee (LDRC) are usually held once per month on the first Thursday of the month.  Meeting agendas are posted 48 hours prior to the meeting and can be found below.  Meeting minutes are approved at the next committee meeting and posted below soon thereafter.

LDRC meetings are open to the public and public comment is welcome.  To find the next LDRC meeting date, please visit the Lowry Calendar.

Meeting Agendas


LDRC Agenda 1.9.2020
LDRC Agenda 2.6.2020
LDRC Agenda 3.5.2020
LDRC Agenda 4.30.2020
LDRC Agenda 6.4.2020
LDRC Agenda 6.25.2020
LDRC Agenda 8.6.2020


January Meeting Canceled
February Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda 3.7.2019
April Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda 5.2.2019
June Meeting Canceled
July Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda 8.1.2019
LDRC Agenda 9.5.2019
October Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda 11.7.2019
LDRC Agenda 12.5.2019


January Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda 2.15.2018
March Meeting Canceled
April Meeting Canceled
May Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda 6.7.2018
July Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda 8.2.2018
September Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda 10.4.2018
LDRC Agenda 11.1.2018
LDRC Agenda 12.6.2018


LDRC Agenda 11.2.2017
October Meeeting Canceled
September Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda 9.7.2017
August Meeting Canceled
July Meeting Canceled
June Meeting Canceled
May Meeting Canceled
April Meeting Canceled
March Meeting Canceled
February Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda January 5, 2017

December Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda November 3, 2016

October Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda September 1, 2016
August Meeting Canceled
LDRC Agenda July 7, 2016
LDRC Agenda, June 2, 2016
LDRC Agenda, May 5, 2016
LDRC Agenda, April 7, 2016

LDRC Agenda, March 9, 2016
LDRC Agenda, March 3, 2016

Meeting Minutes


LDRC Meeting Minutes January 9, 2020
LDRC Meeting Minutes 2.6.2020
LDRC Meeting MInutes 3.5.2020
LDRC Meeting Minutes 4.30.2020
LDRC Meeting Minutes 6.4.2020
LDRC Meeting Minutes 6.25.2020
LDRC Meeting Minutes 8.6.2020


LDRC Meeting Minutes March 7, 2019
LDRC Meeting Minutes May 2, 2019
LDRC Meeting Minutes August 1, 2019
LDRC Meeting Minutes September 5, 2019
LDRC Meeting Minutes November 7, 2019


LDRC Meeting Minutes February 15, 2018
LDRC Meeting Minutes June 7, 2018
LDRC Meeting Minutes August 2, 2018
LDRC Meeting Minutes October 4, 2018
LDRC Meeting Minutes November 1, 2018
LDRC Meeting Minutes December 6, 2018


LDRC Meeting Minutes November 2, 2017
LDRC Meeting Minutes September 7, 2017
LDRC Minutes January 5, 2017

LDRC Minutes September 1, 2016

LDRC Meeting Minutes July 7, 2016

LDRC Meeting Minutes June 2, 2016
LDRC Meeting Minutes, May 5, 2016

LDRC Meeting Minutes, April 7, 2016
LDRC Meeting Minutes, March 9, 2016
LDRC Meeting Minutes, March 3, 2016

LDRC Design Guidelines

The LDRC Design Guidelines can be downloaded here:  LDRC Design Guidelines 11.2020.  In addition, please read the HOA Guidelines.

All projects should review the following document in addition to the Design Guidelines:

Appendix 5 to the Lowry Design Guidelines: Environmental Considerations, Regulations, and Guidance for Soil Disturbing Activities at Lowry

This appendix, last updated 8.8.2020, provides information that all developers and builders should be aware of when undertaking new construction and renovation projects at Lowry where soil disturbing activities, such as foundation excavation, trenching, grading, drilling, or boring, will occur, as well as revised minimum parking requirements for residential and commercial development.

Fee Schedule

There is a fee schedule for submitting plans for review and approval by the Lowry Design Committee:  Lowry Design Review Committee Fee Schedule