Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our two big family fun events in Lowry this summer! On Friday, June 14, the LCMA is hosting a Family Concert and Movie

This year’s sale is Friday, May 31, Saturday, June 1, and Sunday, June 2. This is a wonderful opportunity for both buying and selling. It’s so easy to hop from

Initiative 300 would change how the city’s public spaces are used, allowing public camping for an indefinite period of time in City of Denver spaces, including these locations in Lowry:

Expectant parents now have a new option for healthcare, right in the neighborhood! Hygge Birth and Baby recently opened its doors in Lowry at 8111 East Lowry Boulevard, Suite 230. Hygge

Lowry United Neighborhoods (LUN) is Recruiting Members!Lowry United Neighborhoods is in search of both general members and future Board members. The LUN Board held a strategic planning retreat in 2018 and identified

The Eisenhower Memorial Chapel No. 1 is an important part of Lowry’s history — it was the first chapel to be built on the Lowry Air Force Base and was

The Lowry Foundation has given thousands of dollars in community grants to help fund exciting and creative local projects in education, art, theater and events. The intent of the Community

Thursday, December 6th, 2018, 6 pm Eisenhower Chapel, 293 Roslyn St., Denver, CO 80230 The Lowry Community Master Association will have their Annual and Budget Ratification Meeting on Thursday, December

October:  Crime and Safety Awareness Month

October is for Celebrating Halloween *and* Safe Communities The Denver Police Department has information on their website on how to prevent Neighborhood Crime. Landscaping: The LCMA has guidelines for good landscape maintenance that

Beginning on September 3, 2018, two morning sessions will be added to the Big Bear schedule: Free Style Sessions: Monday through Friday 6:00AM, 6:45AM, 7:30AM. Drop-In Sessions: Monday through Friday 6:00AM-8:00AM.

Lowry Assumption, LLC Conducts 5 Year Review

Lowry Assumption, LLC is initiating a Five Year Review as part of their obligations to the Air Force under privatization of the former Lowry Air Force base.  They are performing a review of

Don’t Have a Yard for the Yard Sale? 

Hangar 2 is hosting a Trunk Sale Saturday, June 2nd, 8am-2pm as a part of the Lowry Yard Sale. Located in the parking lot outside of North County (94 Rampart Way),

Know your Neighbor!

Lowry Neighbors, please make sure you know the name and contact information of (at least) your immediate neighbors.  Knowing how to get in touch with your neighbors helps make Lowry

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Lowry Neighbor, The Denver Police Department assigns Community Resource Officers (CROs) to specific neighborhoods to address crime and safety concerns and act as a liaison to the department. Lowry’s CRO is  Office Mike Borquez.  Officer

Wildlife in Lowry

Most who live in suburbia don’t expect to see wild animals however they are not that uncommon especially as they are pushed out of their natural areas by more development.

Little Free Libraries

Lowry’s Little Free Library count is growing!  These delightful structures are providing reading material for the whole neighborhood. This very simple concept of “take a book, leave a book” has supported