The Lowry Community Master Association (LCMA)  is the association of property owners in Lowry. The LCMA exists in part to ensure that common elements like LCMA-owned parks, sidewalks, alleys, private roads, trees, landscaping, park equipment, lighting, monuments and walls are maintained and preserved for current and future owners in Lowry to enjoy.


The Lowry Community Master Association is a unique association representing all residential and commercial owners within the community. In keeping with its designation as a landmark urban community, the mission of the Lowry Community Master Association, Inc. (LCMA) is to enhance and preserve the value of property in Lowry by administering the Master Declaration of Covenants, protecting financial assets, maintaining common elements, and working to promote quality of life for those who live, work and play in the community.

In addition to Community Management of the nearly 3 square miles (1,866 acres) that is the Lowry Community, your LCMA dues support maintenance of the following assets:

  • 665,996 gross square feet of asphalt in alleys and private roads
  • 17,765 gross square feet of concrete in roundabouts, aprons & plazas
  • 261,074 gross square feet of concrete sidewalk and edging
  • 185,545 gross square feet of curbs, gutters & drain pans (concrete)
  • 22.5 acres of parks which is divided into 10 parks
  • 163 parcels of land
  • $345K of playground equipment
  • 14,520 gross square feet of ground cover
  • 2,200 trees
  • 89 street lights & 15 pole hook lights
  • $1.75M irrigation equipment throughout those 163 parcels of LCMA owned land.
  • 1100 linear feet of iron fencing throughout Lowry.
  • 15 brick monuments
  • 3,300 linear feet of brick wall
  • 1,815 gross square feet of metal trellis
  • 3,000 gross square feet of concrete / flagstone retaining wall
  • 3,085 gross square feet of flagstone path and plaza
  • Shoveling of all sidewalks and steps adjacent to LCMA-owned land parcels.  The LCMA does not do snow plowing.
  • Landscaping maintenance including watering

The LCMA also puts on many of the community events like the Lowry Yard Sale, concerts and movie nights in the park, the Lowry Halloween Festival, and holiday events.  The LCMA maintains the Lowry website, Instagram, and Facebook page, and publishes a bi-weekly e-newsletter which you can sign up for here.

The LCMA is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, all volunteers and Lowry property owners, who serve three-year terms.  The LCMA Board meets twice quarterly with an annual meeting in December of each year.  LCMA meetings are open to Lowry residents, businesses and homeowners, and are open to public comment. LCMA Board of Directors meetings are on the Lowry calendar.

Design Review Requests

Design Review Requests are required for all permanent exterior modifications to your home.  The request must follow the Design Guidelines, Rules and Regulations for the LCMA.

Many homes in Lowry belong to two HOA’s, the LCMA and a sub-association. The easiest way to determine if you are part of a sub-association is if you pay dues to someone other than the LCMA. Prior to submitting a Design Review Request you must have approval from your sub-association.

Download the Design Review Request Form*

  1. Design review requests cannot be reviewed by LCMA’s Buildings and Grouds Committee (BAG) until all applicable documentation is included: pictures, sketches, paint samples, etc.
  2. Requests are reviewed by BAG via email, further documentation may be required to *complete* your request and conform to the Design Guidelines, Rules and Regulations.
  3. *Completed* Design Review Requests typically receive a decision within 2 weeks, but this process may take up to 30 days.

If you have any questions about the Design Guidelines or the Design Review Request Form OR if you have submitted your request and not heard back from us within five business days, please contact Jennifer Bublitz, Community Manager, at 970-663-9685.

Homeowners Portal

    Click here to access the Homeowners Portal for our association management company, MSI.

Governing Documents

To access the different governing documents click on their titles below to download.

LCMA Articles of Incorporation

LCMA Covenants

LCMA Covenants Amendment

LCMA Bylaws

LCMA Certificate of Insurance


Download the Lowry Community Master Association’s current Operating Budget:

LCMA 2024 Approved Operating Budget

Download the Lowry Community Master Association’s previous years’ Operating Budgets:

LCMA 2023 Approved Operating Budget

LCMA 2022 Approved Operating Budget

LCMA 2021 Approved Operating Budget

LCMA 2020 Approved Operating Budget

LCMA 2019 Approved Operating Budget

Download the most recent (2019) Lowry Community Master Association Reserve Plans:

2019 General Reserve Plan

2019 Alley Reserve Plan

Meeting Schedule

LCMA meetings are open to LCMA members and have time allocated for public comment.  The LCMA Board meets twice a quarter with an annual members meeting in December.  There are four standing Board committees – the Executive Committee and the Buildings and Grounds Committee meets monthly and the Events Committee and Communications Committee meets on an as-needed basis.  For the LCMA Board and Committee meeting schedule, consult the calendar. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, LCMA meetings are being conducted online via Zoom.  If you have questions or would like to attend a meeting, please email Executive Director Mary Carr.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Find LCMA Board of Directors Agendas on the Lowry Calendar.

Meetings of the Board of Directors of the Lowry Community Master Association occur twice a quarter and are open to LCMA members. At each meeting, members of the Association (that is, residential and commercial property owners) are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback to the Board. Meeting minutes for regularly scheduled LCMA Board of  Directors meetings are posted below by year.

2024 LCMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2024



2023 LCMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2023
Meeting Minutes March 2023
Meeting Minutes April 2023
Meeting Minutes June 2023
Meeting Minutes August 2023
Meeting Minutes September 2023
Meeting Minutes November 2023

2022 LCMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2022
Meeting Minutes March 2022
Meeting Minutes April 2022
Meeting Minutes June 2022
Meeting Minutes August 2022
Meeting Minutes September 2022
Meeting Minutes November 2022

2021 LCMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2021
Meeting Minutes February 2021
Meeting Minutes April 2021
Meeting Minutes June 2021
Meeting Minutes August 2021
Meeting Minutes September 2021

2020 LCMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2020
Meeting Minutes April 2020
Meeting Minutes May 2020
Meeting Minutes August 2020
Meeting Minutes September 2020
Meeting Minutes November 2020

2019 LCMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2019
Meeting Minutes March 2019
Meeting Minutes April 2019
Meeting Minutes June 2019
Meeting Minutes August 2019
Meeting Minutes September 2019
Meeting Minutes November 2019

2018 LCMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2018
Meeting Minutes March 2018
Meeting Minutes June 2018
Meeting Minutes August 2018
Meeting Minutes September 2018
Meeting Minutes November 2018

2017 LCMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2017
Meeting Minutes March 2017
Meeting Minutes May 2017
Meeting Minutes June 2017
Meeting Minutes August 2017
Meeting Minutes September 2017
Meeting Minutes November 2017

2016 LCMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2016
Meeting Minutes February 2016
Meeting Minutes April 2016
Meeting Minutes August 2016
Meeting Minutes September 2016
Meeting Minutes November 2016

2015 LCMA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2015
Meeting Minutes March 2015
Meeting Minutes May 2015
Meeting Minutes June 2015
Meeting Minutes August 2015
Meeting Minutes September 2015
Meeting Minutes November 2015

Annual and Budget Ratification Meeting Minutes

The Annual Members Meeting and the Budget Ratification Meeting are held once per year at the beginning of December to elect the Board of Directors and ratify the LCMA’s annual Operating Budget.  Meeting minutes are in draft form until they are approved at the following year’s Annual Members and Budget Ratification Meetings.


2023 Budget Ratification and Annual Meeting Minutes – DRAFT
2022 Budget Ratification and Annual Meeting Minutes
2021 Budget Ratification and Annual Meeting Minutes
2020 Budget Ratification Meeting Minutes
2019 Annual and Budget Ratification Meeting Minutes
2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
2016 Annual Meeting Minutes
2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

Rules and Regulations

Lowry’s Rules & Regulations help keep our community beautiful.

To view Lowry’s Design Guidelines, Rules & Regulations, click here.

To submit a Design Review Request, click here.

You can access all of the governing documents by clicking here.

Pay Your Dues

If you have a question about your LCMA dues, please call management company MSI’s A/R Department at 303-420-4433.

If you need an LCMA dues status letter, call MSI’s A/R Department at 303-420-4433.

To process a one-time credit card payment online, log in here.  Please note that a 3.5% online processing fee will apply.  You can also pay online by check (no online processing fee!) here. *

*If you have not previously registered with MSI, you will need to create a login and password and provide your LCMA account number, to see your account and make a payment by online check or credit card.  Logging into the MSI website will give you access to your dues history and statements, as well as LCMA member information like financials, resolutions, committee documents, etc.  If you don’t know your account number, call MSI’s A/R Department at 303-420-4433.

To sign up for automatic debit of quarterly LCMA dues payments from your checking account, fill out the ACH Form and fax or mail to the address on the form.  Quarterly LCMA dues payments are automatically debited between the 1st and 5th of January, April, July, and October.

To request an LCMA dues coupon book, contact MSI’s A/R Department at 303-420-4433.

The Lowry Air Force Based closed in 1994 after graduating more than 1.1 million Armed Forces.  The base has since been redeveloped into the lovely, master-planned community we call home today.  Several of the original Lowry Air Force Base structures, including some of the aircraft hangars, were creatively repurposed and are still in use, contributing to the rich sense of history we enjoy here in Lowry today.

If you would like to read more about Lowry’s history, we highly recommend this page’s source material.  You may also want to peruse the Historic Buildings Photo Album for a look at Lowry’s past and the Historic Buildings Repurposed to see the modern rendition. To view a map of all the historic buildings and to learn more about each of them please visit our Neighborhood Directory by clicking here.

Lowry has more then eighteen pieces of public art, created by artists from across Colorado contributing to the beauty, the history and the culture of Lowry.  The Lowry Foundation are the curators of all of the public art in Lowry.  Learn more about Lowry’s public art and see photos on the Public Art page.

Lowry Air Force Base:  Images of America by Jack Stokes Ballard, John Bond and George Paxton
may be purchased online at, purchased locally at Wings Over the Rockies Museum in Lowry or may be checked-out at Lowry’s Schlessman Public Library.

Lowry:  Military Base to New Urban Community by Thomas J. Noel and Chuck Woodward
may be purchased through the Lowry Foundation.

Strategic Air Command – Lowry Air Force Base

Lowry Metamorphosis

This year’s Board of Directors is comprised of the following LCMA members:


President:  Jessie Johnson
Vice President / Secretary:  Bill Skewes
Treasurer:  Francis Rooney

Board Members and Terms

Cat Holmes 2024-2024*
Victor Vialpando-Nunez 2022-2024
Bill Skewes 2022-2024
James Grillo 2023-2025
Kimberly Wyatt 2023-2025
Francis Rooney 2023-2025
Carla McConnell 2024-2026
Jessie Johnson 2024-2026
Chris Jedd 2024-2026

*Appointed to vacant board position in 2024

The LCMA has three standing committees that are appointed by the Board of Directors.  Committee meetings are open to LCMA members*:

Executive Committee – Jessie Johnson is Chair of the Executive Committee.  The committee sets the agendas for the Board meetings and makes recommendations to the Board on things like insurance, governing documents, and community management.  The Executive Committee also manages the Financial aspects of the LCMA, reviewing and approving LCMA financials, managing reserve fund investments, and reviewing the annual financial audit. For more information, contact Executive Director Mary Carr at (720) 583-5262.

Buildings and Grounds Committee – This committee reviews and approves Design Review Requests from property owners, advises on the property maintenance functions of the Board, and awards LCMA Landscaping Grants.  The committee members are members of the LCMA Board, the LRA, and qualified members of the community.  The Buildings and Grounds Committee meets monthly – usually at 7:30A on the second Thursday of the month in the Hangar 2 first floor conference room – and meetings are open to LCMA members.

Lowry Design Review Committee – The Lowry Design Review Committee, also known as the LDRC, reviews plans for new development projects and major redevelopment projects. Jessie Johnson is chair of the LDRC.  The committee meets on the first Thursday of the month at 8:30A in the LRA offices; meetings are open to LCMA members. The LRA offices are at 130 Rampart Way, Ste. 225.


*Committee meetings are currently being held virtually via Zoom; email Executive Director Mary Carr for meeting attendance

Executive Director:  Mary Carr
Phone:  720-583-5262
Community Manager: Jennifer Bublitz
Phone: 970-663-9685
The office address of the LCMA is:
Lowry Community Master Association
7581 E Academy Blvd., Ste 211
Denver, CO 80230
The official address of the LCMA is:
Lowry Community Master Association
c/o MSI
11002 Benton St.
Westminster, CO 80020-3200