Where can I find a list of Lowry’s Rules and Regulations?

Visit the LCMA’s Rules and Regulations page.

Why are standalone basketball hoops not allowed streetside in Lowry?

Basketball hoops are not permitted in the street anywhere in Denver – they are a violation of Denver’s Municipal Code (click here to view the ordinance).  A basketball hoop in the street – even against the curb – is considered an encumbrance of the right of way and can pose a safety issue.  In fact, the Lowry Community Master Association (LCMA) frequently gets calls from homeowners concerned about kids playing basketball in the street and about the basketball hoops obstructing the street, on-street parking and limiting thru traffic when the roads are snowpacked. Most of Lowry’s streets are public streets, owned and maintained by the city of Denver and open to public traffic – not just your neighbors who know to watch for kids playing b-ball on your block.  The city of Denver does do neighborhood inspections and will confiscate anything encumbering the right of way with no notice.

The LCMA covenants permit standalone basketball hoops on your property.  Basketball hoop in your driveway, yard or garage:  game on!  Basketball hoop in the street or other traffic thru-way: not safe.

Based on recent Lowry homeowner feedback, the LCMA’s Buildings and Grounds Committee will be exploring adding basketball courts to one or more of the LCMA-owned parks in Lowry to provide a safer basketball venue (Denver Parks & Recreations owns the larger parks in Lowry).

If you’d like to weigh in on the issue, please contact 311 or Debra Rael at (303) 513-6773 or debra.rael@denvergov.org with any concerns or feedback about the city ordinance.  Email or call Mary Carr, LCMA Executive Director, at (720) 583-5262 or mary.carr.lowry@gmail.com with any feedback on the proposal to add basketball court(s) to our LCMA-owned parks.

What are the rules about snow removal?

City requires snow removal on your property, once the snow has stopped falling, homeowners have 24 hours to remove snow and ice from any public sidewalk touching your property; business owners have four hours. If you do not remove snow from your sidewalk, you may be fined $150.  The city of Denver relies on citizen complaints to identify homeowners not complying with the snow removal codes – please call 311 to report an address. Thank you for helping to keep your neighbors (and their pets!) safe and comfortable this winter.