Do I need to keep my Lawn Mowed?

Yes, Lawns must be mowed, edged and kept free of weeds, clover, dandelions, etc.  Dead plant material should be removed.  We aren’t currently sending out letters about dry lawns because of the drought, but now that Denver Water has downgraded to Stage 1 Drought Restrictions, homeowners are encouraged to water sufficiently to maintain their grass.

How should trees be maintained in the “tree lawn” area, and who maintains them?

The strip of land between the sidewalk and the street, adjacent to your home (in front of or on the wide of your property) is called the “tree lawn.”  The tree lawn is owned by the city of Denver, but it is the adjacent homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the tree lawn and the trees in it.  Dead trees should be removed immediately.  Trees with dead branches or branches that extend over the sidewalk OR the street that hang lower than 8′ high should be pruned so that pedestrians and parked cars don’t run into the branches.

If you have a dead tree, you can remove it without getting approval from the LCMA, but you MUST get approval from the city of Denver before you remove and/or replace the dead tree.  Email Denver city forester Bill Cassel at  The city of Denver is working with Lowry on a tree replacement list which should be done in Fall of 2013. If you choose to replace a dead tree in your front, back or side yard, you can either replace it with the same kind of tree or, if you want to plant a different kind of tree, you must submit a Design Review Request to the LCMA.  The Design Review Request form and instructions are here.  Requests are reviewed by the LCMA’s Buildings and Grounds Committee on a monthly basis.

How should I maintain my fence?

Fences must be kept in good repair.  Missing, loose or damaged pickets or sections of fencing must be replaced or repaired.  Fence gates must be in good working order and must latch closed.

When do I need to ask the LCMA for approval of a home improvement project?

The rule of thumb is that any home improvement project that changes the exterior appearance of your home needs to have a Design Review Request submitted.  So, for example, if you are replacing a tree with another tree in the same location, you don’t need to submit a form.  If you are replacing a flower bed with more flowers, you don’t need to submit a form.  However, if you want to put in a retaining wall, a fence, build a patio in your back yard or add a new flower bed, you would need to submit a Design Review Request Form.  It is recommended that you submit a form anytime you are doing exterior painting, whether or not you are painting the same colors.  You can download the Design Review Request here (link)

How quickly can my Design Review Request form be processed?

The LCMA’s Buildings and Grounds committee reviews the Design Review Requests at their monthly meeting, on the second Thursday of the month.  However, in some cases the requests can be expedited and reviewed by the committee via email.  Please contact Community Manager, Karen Becker, for expedited requests at (720)974-4147.

What happens if I don’t submit a Design Review Request?

The LCMA’s Buildings and Grounds Committee and/or Board may levy a fine or request that you stop or alter any changes made without the approval of the committee.