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The school is the modern use of the historic Officer’s Club and Officer’s Quarters
The Officer’s Club, Building No. 26, was the main social spot for most of Lowry’s military years. President Dwight Eisenhower used it as part of the summer White House from 1953-55. Recently remodeled with an inviting entry, it looks little like the officer’s club of the military era.
Built in close proximity to the Officers Club and surrounded by majestic trees, these five Colonial Revival-style duplexes were the residences for the families of senior-ranking Air Force officers. The two-story blond brick, eaveless hip-style roof, and granite column entryway, gave the homes a stately appearance (Buildings 1-5). They are now used for classrooms and teacher offices for the fast growing school. The buildings were built between 1939 and 1942.

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