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1016 Boston Street, Aurora, Denver, Colorado 80230

Lowry Intergenerational Center/Morning Star Adult Day Program/Lowry Preschool is the modern use of the historic Headquarters of Air Force Academy Commandant 1955-58, then the Heritage Museum for Flight and the forerunner of the Wings Over the Rockies Museum.
Opened in 1942 Building No. 880 is one of the more unusual sites at Lowry. It is a small, wooden building with a very tall red brick chimney located in the eastern end of the Aurora Community College area. Just a standard wooden building, but one that has had many lives. Many of these buildings were built but few have survived and this one has been a storage area, offices, then the Office of the Commandment of the Air Force Academy. After the Academy left in 1959, it became the Lowry Heritage Museum to help celebrate the development of flight and the Air Force. Many planes were exhibited outside the small building and in 1994, the planes and historical memorabilia were moved to Hangar 1 when it became the Wings Over the Rockies Museum. Still lively at 58, in 2000 it became the Morning Star Intergenerational center with both a preschool and a senior center. It is on the list of City of Aurora Historic Landmarks and is alson on the National Register of Historic Places. It has had an amazing life for a very small, “temporary” wooden building.