Park Use Permit

Please note: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the LCMA is not currently granting any park use permits.


Any gathering of more than 15 people in an LCMA-owned park is currently prohibited.


If you are looking for a park in which to hold a permitted event, consider these City of Denver parks. Please check current guidelines to learn whether the City is issuing permits.
City of Denver Parks:

These are parks located in Lowry that are owned and operated by and must be reserved through Denver Parks and Recreation:

Bayaud Park (Bayaud & Rosemary):  map | reservations and rentals
Crescent Park (8th & Roslyn):   map | reservations and rentals
Jackie Robinson Fields Park (between Lowry Blvd and Sports Blvd):  map | reservations and rentals
Lowry Sports Park (between Lowry Blvd and Sports Blvd):  map | reservations and rentals
Ulaanbaatar Park (5th & Syracuse):  mapreservations and rentals

If you have any questions about reserving these parks for events, please contact Denver Parks and Recreation.

To review park rules and regulations City of Denver parks, visit their website.


LCMA-Owned Parks Within Lowry:

Liberator Park (9th & Roslyn Ct):  map
Mustang Park (9th & Spruce):  map
Roslyn Park (Roslyn & 6th Place):  map
Sunset Park (2nd & Pontiac):  map
Tailwind Park (Alton Way & 4th Place & 5th Ave):  map